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The Name Loyola

The name Loyola comes from the ancestral castle that was the family home where Saint Ignatius was born in 1491, the last of a large Basque family of Spain. Pursuing a worldly career in the service of the king, he was wounded in the defence of Pamplona and was taken prisoner. While convalescing, he was converted and turned from the service of an earthly ruler to that of his divine Master, Jesus Christ. He took to a life of prayer, penance and serious study and recorded his experiences in the book, `The Spiritual Exercises', which became the source and inspiration of all his followers. He gathered around him like-minded and motivated men like St. Francis Xavier, who came to India to found the Society of Jesus in 1540.


Loyola in Spain where ignatius were born


Loyola in Spain where Ignatius was born

   Basilica of Loyola

There are colleges and universities in India, but there has never been, nor can there ever be another Loyola.

Awarded a Five-Star Status by NAAC, Loyola figures in the list of top ten colleges in India. Loyola, considered the top college in Tamil Nadu, is a recipient of the UGC's Award of `Potential for Excellence'.

Loyola is unique. It's a legend, ever ancient and ever new, painstakingly created over the last 79 years! It's a mystique that spells excellence, dedication, quality and relevance.






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