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Producer: Saalai Maithri
Director: Bhargavan
Music: Jiram
Year of release: May 2005

Actors: Santhosh, Srisha, Aswitha, Manivannan, Vayapuri, Karunaas ....

Kadhal Seiya Virumbhu by Bhargavan features debutant hero Sanosh. The subject of the movie is romance and the director tries to stress the point that premarital sex is wrong. Music by Jerome and cinematography by Salai Sahadevan is the only saving grace of the film.

For misinterpreting a friendly relationship with a girl to be a love affair, Santosh (Santosh) gets a punishment - to read Gandhiji's autobiography for a week in the Mother Theresa's ashram. He gets admission in a Chennai college. Sandhya (Srisha), a top student in the college, is a social worker and is not swayed by the overtures of the boys in the campus. She finds in Santosh a positive attitude and falls for him. He has only one agenda and that is to have sex with her. She believes that premarital sex is taboo.
In a flashback we are told that Priya (Asvitha), a girl who loved Santosh, ditched him to marry an NRI. He created a ruckus at the registrar's office and hence the punishment to read Gandhiji's autobiography. Now this has made him determined that it is sex before, and love later. However Priya comes back saying that she was dumped by her NRI hubby, since her breasts were removed due to cancer. Finally Santosh accepts her back into his life.

Debutant hero Santosh is average. Srisha's performance is impressive. Aswitha is looks good and her performance is average. Karunas and the motley crowd's comedy is in bad taste.

Music is impressive. Songs are racy and melodious.


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