Ullam Ketkume Tamil Movie Review - Acotr Shaam Laila Asin Pooja and Arya in the Direction of Jeeva with Music Harris Jeyaraj


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Movie Ullam Ketkume
Director Jeeva
Music Harris Jeyaraj
Cast Shaam, Laila, Asin, Pooja, Arya

ullam ketkume shaam asin stillJeeva, the noted cameraman has worked in a few Bollywood films, mainly for his mentor director Priyadarshan. So like his ‘guru’, for his maiden directorial venture Ullam Ketkume, Jeeva has been ‘inspired’ from quite a few sources. The basic thread of the film is from Karan Johar’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and a few other campus capers. Still the film has an infectious sense of fun and is ullam ketkume stillenjoyable and definitely one of the better movies this year.
The story is told with cloying nostalgia in a flashback mode as the film opens with friends meeting and exchanging notes after many years at the wedding of their close friend. The gang- Shyam (Shyam) the leader who is a cool dude, Imaan (Arya) an impulsive chap, a beautiful Priya (Asin), the blabbermouth and friendly Pooja (Laila) and the always serious Irene (Pooja). They had a great time at college as they all bonded well. Pooja with her braces and her clumsy ways had a soft corner for Shyam who had a huge crush on Priya! Imman and Irene are already in love but as college days come to an end and with each in search of their identities all the love razzmatazz changes due to various twists.

ullam ketkume stillNow Pooja is in US her heart still aching for Shyam who is a bachelor as Priya had married a software professional due to family compulsions. Imaan could never marry Irene though he became a famous cricketer. Finally on the wedding day of Imaan with a relative, all of them come together and Pooja meets Shyam for whom she was always his best buddy! In good old Sooraj Barjatya tradition Pooja and Shyam unite after they realize how much they need each other.

ullam ketkume stillIt is Shyaam’s best ever film in which he is able to bring out the sensibilities of the character. Laila as Pooja, is the spice and soul of the film and she does a great job as the awkward girl-in-a-soup act in the first half and the sophisticated woman in the second half. Asin is strikingly sweet and Arya is good. Thotta Tharini’s sets give the film a minty cool look and Harris Jayaraj’s music is a major highlight.

On the whole, Jeeva has been successful to make an entertainer with a wafer-thin story. Everything, from the choice of lead actors, their lines and gestures, interpersed with perfect song-n-dance is perfectly coordinated.

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