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Vijayalakshmi SubbaramanIndia's first lady Grandmaster, Vijayalakshmi Subbaraman is also the best lady Chess player the country has produced.

Born on 27th March, 1979, Vijayalakshmi was drawn to the game of Chess by her father
A S Subbaraman, when she was but three and a half years young. Her father, who learnt the game to help her in her career, is still the guiding force behind Vijayalakshmi. Her sisters Meenakshi and Bhanupriya are also Chess players.

Vijayalakshmi won the first of her four National Women's championships at fifteen. The International Woman Master title came in 1996. She has won nearly all the Women's titles on the national circuit and has also notched several wins against Grandmasters, the most memorable being her victory over Russian Grandmaster Mikhail Kobalia, at the Anibal Open, Linares,1998. She has represented the country in over 30 international tournaments.

Known for the high-level of her game, Vijayalakshmi, has helped kindle interest in Women's chess in India. Her favourite Chess player is world champion - Gary Kasparov.








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