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Vellore is a small mountainous town surrounded by the Hills of Western Ghats. Vellore is at a distance of 135 km from Chennai. Vellore is famous for its fort and the Christian Medical College.


The fort was built in 16th century by a Vijaynagar chieftain; it is a finest example of the Military architecture. For some time the Marathas occupied the fort and later the British took control of it after defeating Tipu Sultan in 1676. Inside the fort is located the Jalakanteswara Temple and several other buildings.

Christian Medical College

One of the best hospitals in country, the Christian Medical College was started by a medical Missionary Dr. Ida Scuddar.


Named after Valli, second wife of Lord Murugan, the temple is situated on the hilltop is carved out of a massive rock. The temple is dedicated to Murugan.


This small ashram of Sri Ramana Maharishi draws devotees of the Guru who died in 1950 after fifty years of contemplation.



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